Monday, May 7, 2012

Morning Meeting Monday: Ping Pong Nose Race

Relay races have always been a favorite of mine. It can be difficult or scary to incorporate such things into your Morning Meeting routine but I have had great success with several of them and this one is great too.

2 Ping Pong Balls
1 Paper/Styrofoam Cup

Prepare the Cup:
Cut the cup in have vertically so that you have two identical haves. These will lay on the ground like a cup buried halfway underground and will be the goals for the game.

Put the cups on the ground facing each other about 10-15 feet apart. Place a Ping Pong ball behind each cup. Chose two students from the class and have them race to get the Ping Pong ball into the opposite cup. They can only use their nose (or breath) to move the Ping Pong ball. The first person to successfully roll the ball into the cup is the winner.

If you are concerned about the noise level have the other students cheer on the two competitors with snapping fingers or rubbing hands together. You can also teach them the "golf clap" which works and is quiet. 

Have fun!