Monday, April 30, 2012

Magic Box: A Morning Meeting Activity

This is basically charades with a non-existent box of objects.

1. Have the students imagine that you have placed a box in the center of your Morning Meeting circle. (Of course this is just imaginary so you will not need an actual box.)

2. Make a gesture to pretend you are opening the box.

3. Encourage students to remove an object from the box, use it and have their peers guess the object. 

4. Correct guesses can go next....or can pick the person who goes next.

This activity is a lot of fun if you yourself are excited and really "ham it up." Encourage the students to put their objects back in the box when they are done and tell them that it is wrong to take without asking...that always gets a chuckle.

If your class is not capable of making smart choices about the object they take out of the box give them cards with predetermined objects written on them. Have them pick a card at random and act it out.