Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Mornings and Teaching Truths

Monday Mornings......

I always start my Mondays in the same way at school. I put some music on my stereo at school. Recently my selection has been whatever Pandora likes to play. I do try to keep it to music that I would not mind any of my students listening to since I am in school after all. Usually I get to school about 90 minutes early. I know that sounds crazy but I have found that I enjoy the warm up time to get myself off and running for the day. I find that I am ready to go once my students walk in.
I can get any cleaning or planning done that I need to do and a good stiff cup of coffee and some Etta James crooning my socks off works well to get me going. I don't know if Etta James is really motivational music but I've tried Bon Iver and that didn't get working so Etta is on the queue. 

Teaching Truths I have learned:

1. Get to work early (even 30 minutes)

2. Plan your week before you show up on Monday.....get yourself ready to go Monday morning with any final preparations. 

3. Take time to reflect at the end of your day/week and assess what worked and what didn't. Keep a journal if that helps you. 

4. Think back to when you were your students age...think of how you would like to be taught, interacted with, and respected. Allow those things to inform your decisions but also keep in mind that your students are not just a "little you" but also have their own preferences. Get to know them and allow their interests to be reflected in your teaching.

Have a good week!