Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Literature Circles and Common Core

 A few years back I decided I would try out Literature Circles in my classroom. As someone  already involved in Guided Reading/Balanced Literacy, I wasn't sure how I could implement Literature Circles into Guided Reading. hit me: I could use Literature Circle work for my students to do while I meet with groups at the horseshoe table in the back.

It was perfect because I could use Literature Circle Roles endlessly because they are designed to work with any piece of literature. 

While I am reading and working with my guided reading group, the rest of my class is reading books (about 4 different books/groups) and working on their Literature Circle work.

Once a week I have my groups meet in their Literature Circles and I circulate to assess their group dynamics and listen in on their conversations. This is all after I have introduced each role one-by-one and then had each Literature Circle meet individually. During their individual meeting time, I sit just outside of the circle to listen, take notes, record important questions, and provide feedback.

With the implementation of the Common Core Standards I have begun to question how appropriate the Literature Circle jobs I have are. Upon researching I found that (with a bit of tweaking) I could align my Literature Circle roles with the Common Core Standards. Of course, nothing is better than a teacher led activity or lesson to teach the standards and I don't believe that these sheets can be your only means of teaching the CCLS but they are a good tool to have.

Fifth -

They are on sale on Teachers Pay Teachers right now. They are perfect for anyone looking to incorporate Literature Circle into their Common Core reading time.