Monday, July 25, 2011

And Now for the Feature Presentation

This is my third attempt ( I think it's the third) at a blog. I always started with some post about how crazy it is that I have a blog (it's not) that I will try my best to keep posting (I tried but didn't) and what I hope the blog will turn into.

So here it is:
I am going to start this blog by saying: this blog may fail, I may never post to it again but I will do my best to post. 

I am not going to do too much stylistic editing since I will just leave it to be what it is. Of course I feel that I should edit it since I am a teacher. However, I am just going to "let it ride" and see what happens. Nothing revolutionary or tricky here just me being honest about teaching, sharing successes and failures and throwing out some things I have learned along the way.