Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last Day of School Activities

What do you do on the last day or day(s) of school? Need last day of school activities?

For me the last days are always bittersweet because of summer being around the bend but also the class that I have worked with all year is moving on. In my case, they are moving to a new building so many of them I will not see again. 

However, why not take the bitter out of that bittersweet and just make the last days SWEET with a few quick ideas for Last Day of School Activities.

Resources packed up? Who cares.....

Activity 1: 

Human Angles 

Have the students create angles using their bodies. Call out degrees and see if they can use their hands to BE those angles. 

Whisper an angle measurement in each child's ear. Have them make that angle with their hands and then find their matching angle (be sure you make partners when you whisper) without talking.

Activity 2:

Acapellla Group

Try to guide your class through creating an acapella rendition of a song. It could be something easy like "Twinkle, Twinkle" or more complex like a modern pop song. Try to get students to be instruments and see if you can get them to actually sound like a band. It's the last day.....why not?

Activity 3:

Summer Movie Charades

Summer blockbusters are already coming out. Many of the students are looking forward to them. Have the students act out various movie titles of upcoming or already released summer films. See how many your students can guess. Think: "Dark Knight Rises" or "Madagascar 3" those would be fun to act out. 

Thin "Madagascar 3" is too hard to act out? Have students think Mad - Gas - Car - Three....they could act those out and have the group put them together for the title.

Enjoy those Last Day of School Activities....they are a great way to end your year on a fun note while still keeping those students focused through the last few hours. Have fun and feel free to send me any of your own Last Day of School Activities!